The Company

parelectrics has specialized in the development of medical devices that using the method of Parelectric Spectroscopy. Our products enable quick and precise non-invasive measurements of the structure and dynamics of biological material including the analysis and clear graphical presentation of the results.

In a first step, parelectrics has focused on the development of a measurement device for skin-cancer diagnosis. The result, the Parascan I, is, in contrast to optical technologies not limited to the analysis of the surface of the skin, but offers information about the structure and dynamics of the whole three-dimensional area under suspect. A set of probes included in the ParaScan I setup allows to select between penetration depths down to 0.5 millimeters. Thus, the dermatologist has a helpful tool for a fast diagnosis of a possible skin cancer even in its early stage.

An application of the technology in the field of dialysis monitoring is currently in the test phase.