From Pharmacology to Diagnostics

In 1995 Prof. Dr. Klaus Kramer and Dr. Tobias Blaschke started to develop an analytical method to non-invasively measure different stages of skin cancer. These efforts, embedded in the context of medical and pharmaceutical research at the Free University of Berlin, aimed at the developement of drug-formulations for skin-cancer treatment. In this context the parelectric properties of different types of tissue proofed to be an excellent criterion to distinguish between „normal“ and „abnormal“ behaviour of the skin surface and the subjacent volume.

First measurments on different excised animal organs and endoscopic inspection of the human vocal cords proofed the reliability and reproducibility of this non-invsive method.

In 2011 parelectrics presented a protoype of the ParaScan I, the first commercially available device for skin cancer diagnostics based on the principle of parelectrics spectroscopy.

Publications concerning the Parelectric Spectroscopy in tumor diagnostics and treatment